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Genieo Head Office:

Tel +972 73 230 0112
Genieo Innovation Ltd.
10 Habarzel st. Building C
Tel- Aviv 6971014 Israel

Genieo is the personalized window onto the Web for millions of Mac users that learns user preferences

(Lloyd Gofton, March 2014)Genieo the easy to use newspaper-styled homepage, today confirmed that it is the preferred personalized homepage for millions of Mac users. The platform is delivering over 100MM unique monthly page views, serving more than 300MM ads and the average Genieo user spends over two minutes reading articles every day.

InstallMac launches in Beta as second largest Mac software community online

(Lloyd Gofton, March 2014) InstallMac, the monetization and software distribution platform for premium Mac OSx software publishers and advertisers, today announces it is launching its Beta offering, which is second only in size to the Apple Store.

W3i harness the power of personalised content

(Joshi-Jose, June 20 2012) Looks like content is in fact ‘King’. Some brands have started becoming publishers and the others are figuring out how to be part of the content and content serving slice to reach connected consumers in their channels of relevance

The personal assistant on your computer

(David Shamah, June 20, 2011) Israel's Genieo has developed a free application that can transform your PC into a personalized ‘newspaper' guaranteed to bring you only the stories you want.

15 middle east startups you should know about

(June 13 2011) Genieo’s accuracy is impressive, and not only gives you an interesting way to keep up with your favourite sites, it also allows you to discover new sites you may have overlooked.

Interview with Sol Tzvi, Co-founder and CEO of Genieo

Sol Tzvi, the founder of Genieo, said she developed the software because her computer knew nothing about her! Watch the video  Watch video

Genieo surprisingly useful

(February 17, David John Walker ) Yes, Genieo Innovation, a private internet startup in Herzilya Pituach, Israel, is making a good first impression on this writer too, five minutes after download, but it is hard to spell! Genieo, which PC World named one of the top 100 productivity programs in 2010, is a personalized newspaper styled home page that aims to deliver to the user information and news that is of interest to that user, based on past, and ongoing online activity.

Genieo: Personally manages the info you like, is now available for Mac

(28 January 2011) Genieo, a start-up company founded in April 2008 by Sol Tzvi and Jacob Tenenboem, with the goal of providing a homepage which, unlike others, should only resides on the user’s computer (client-side only). This newspaper styled homepage is now available for Mac. Genieo a client side plug-In based on Micro Behavioral Targeting algorithms which automatically extract user behavior, interests and preferences, while ensuring complete user privacy.

Genieo’s New Mac Version Sneak Peek

(January 24, 2011 by David Miron) TheWadi has learned that Genieo, the company that brings you personalized news to your own homepage, is about to announce a Mac version of its popular software.

BizSpark Startup of the Day – Genieo

The BizSpark startup of the day is Genieo, based in Israel. Below you will find an interview with Sol Tzvi, Co-Founder and CEO of Genieo. All the best to them and congratulations for being the startup of the day!

In the battle for your homepage, Genieo packs a wallop as your personal online Jeeves

Sol Tzvi, the Israeli tech-entrepreneur and team who is behind this latest entrant, helps you personalise your homepage that is completely based on a completely free downloadable app that resides in your drive and DOES NOT act as a transmitting beacon of your personal choices to any home server.

מוטי גוטמן הצטרף להשקעה בסטארט-אפ Genieo

מנכ”ל מטריקס מוטי גוטמן מצטרף להשקעה בחברת הסטארט-אפ הצעירה Genieo, שפיתחה אתר לאגרגציה של חדשות ותכנים לפי תחומי העניין של המשתמש. גוטמן מצטרף לסבב השקעה בן מיליון דולר, במסגרתו משתתפים גם המשקיעים הקיימים – 18 משקיעים פרטיים (אנג’לים) – בהם יו”ר חברת החשמל לשעבר מוטי פרידמן, מנכ”ל קומסק נסים בראל, בעל הבנק לפיתוח תעשייה צביקה בארינבוים, יו”ר רציו ליגד רוטלוי ומנכ”ל סטון ריבר גרי שרן.

הישראלית הולכת בין ענקים

כחלק מסיכומי השנה, מגזין הטכנולוגיה האמריקני PCWorld התחיל לפרסם השבוע את רשימות עשרת הנבחרים בתחומים השונים של הטכנולוגיה. אחת מאותן רשימות – 10 יישומי הפרודוקטיביות הטובים ביותר לשנת 2010 – כוללת גם את היישום של הסטארטאפ הישראלי Genieo

Genieo Brings Auto-Blogging and Automatic “Day In Pictures” To Send To Friends And Followers

Genieo released two new features: “My Personal Magazine,” which lets you quickly and simply create a stylish visual magazine; and “My Day in Pictures” – a snapshot of the posts, tweets, Facebook updates, links and news articles you found interesting”
Merredith Branscombe (Genieo)

Genieo: A Recommendation Engine that Learns From Your Browsing Habits

What makes Genieo stand out is that it is completely private and completely personal.
Frederic Lardinois

Why doesn’t my PC know me? Tom Foremski interviewing Sol Tzvi, Genieo’s CEO

It does this all without any user input at all, it is beyond one-click, it doesn’t require any user work at all. It is completely transparent.”
Tom Foremski (ZDNET)

Five to watch at DemoSpring 2010

I dismissed it as yet another homepage tool that’s doomed to obscurity, but I’ve been using it for a week and find it surprisingly useful”
Rafe Needleman (CNET)

Genieo – A Tiny Desktop App To Set Up An Automatic Personal Start Page

Genieo is great for the guy who doesn’t have the patience to sit and manually configure a start page on his own. It is definitely for the guy with regular browsing habits. If you visit websites which are more or less of the same nature, then Genieo is the day launcher you have been looking for.

Genieo Creates A New Home Page From Your Browsings

According to the app’s privacy policy, the information it gathers about sites you visit stays on your PC. None of your browsing history is shared with Genieo’s makers...

Genieo Raises $3 Million in Seed Round for Homepage Personalization Engine

The company introduced a visually appealing homepages that is automatically populated with content of specific interest to the user – including favorite websites, news/blog updates, interest orientated Facebook and Twitter friend updates, search, videos, articles and more…

Internet analysis co Genieo raises $3m

Tzvi told “Globes”, 'In contrast to other behavioral targeting solutions, which invade the user’s privacy to some extent, our product is based on the user’s personal computer, and all personal information stays on the user’s computer.'

צביקה בארינבוים נכנס כשותף עם ליגד רוטלוי בסבב השקעה ראשון בסטארט-אפ המפתח דף בית חכם

השקעתו של בארינבוים בסטארט-אפ היא פרטית, ולא בוצעה דרך חברת בי.ג’י. איי הבורסאית שבשליטתו, שבאמצעותה רכש את הבנק לפיתוח התעשייה…

ג’יניו השלימה גיוס של 3 מיליון דולר בהשקעת סיד

החברה מפתחת פלטפורמה טכנולוגית המנתחת הרגלי גלישה באינטרנט ומתאימה שירותים מתקדמים למשתמש הקצה על פי תחומי העניין שלו…

Personalize your homepage newspaper style with Genieo

(June 21, 2011) Genieo claims to curate more accurately than Google Reader and other personalization tools due to its algorithm which learns more about your preferences over time

Genieo Wins About.Com's 2011 Readers' Choice Award For Best Productivity Site

(March 15 ) Now in its fourth year, the Readers' Choice Awards honor the best products, features and services across more than a dozen categories, ranging from technology to hobbies to parenting and more, as selected by its readers.

Genieo now available for Mac, recognizes your favorite web content

(Jan 27th 2011) Genieo is now available for the Mac with a unique approach to managing information overload. The developers are interested in a service that learns your preferred topics, your trusted sources and how you find and read information on the web.

Read Smarter: Genieo Brings its Content Recommendation Engine to the Mac

(January 26, 2011 by Frederic Lardinois ) The Israel-based company is finally launching its Mac version as well. I’ve been testing it for a while and the service has quickly become a daily staple in my information diet.

Personalized homepage co Genieo completes second round

Genieo says that international hardware and software companies are chasing after the technology of the company, which appears to be on the verge of a breakthrough.

Genieo Enjoying High Momentum

The company is attracting attention from many of the largest US companies because of its ability to help users deal with the tsunami of media and information without requiring users to manually set up complex filters.
Tom Foremski

Facebook vs. Who? Users Stay Longer on Personal News Engine Genieo Than on Facebook

Ultra-private, ultra-personalized news engine announced today that its users spend more time on their related site than on Facebook, according to statistics independently generated by random groups of users, making it one of the stickiest sites on the Web.”
Merredith Branscombe (Genieo)

Genieo creates homepages based on browsing habits

To have Genieo Innovation generate a personalized newspaper-style home page on your behalf, you’re meant to do, well nothing.” Edward C. Baig (USA Today).

Genieo Raises $3 Million For Personalized Homepage Platform

Startup Genieo, which develops personalized home pages, has raised $3 million in seed funding from undisclosed investors. Genieo’s technology automatically discovers the user’s topics of interest when they are browsing and generates a personal home-page with relevant content and personalized news widgets…

כל החדשות שמעניינות אתכם זורמות להומפייג’ האישי

אחת הבעיות הנפוצות בחוויית הגלישה היומיומית שלנו שצריכת חדשות באמצעות האינטרנט חושפת אותנו לכמויות של מידע לא רלוונטי. סטארט-אפ ישראלי בשם Genieo (לשעבר Anabel), חשף באחרונה גרסת בטא פומבית המציעה פתרון מעניין לסוגיה בדמות דף בית אישי הנבנה באופן אוטומטי לפי העדפות המשתמש

ג’יניו הישראלית גייסה 3 מיליון דולר

החברה, אשר מוצרה הראשון הוא דף בית מותאם אישית המשתנה באופן דינמי בהתאם להרגלי הגלישה, גייסה 3 מיליון דולר בגיוס הון ראשוני ממשקיעים פרטיים מישראל ומחו”ל…

W3i announces new strategic partnership with Genieo

(June 19, 2012) W3i, a leading network for app distribution and monetization announces new strategic partnership with Genieo, a leading personalized newspaper styled homepage.

Personalized Magazine Apps: Cutting the Web Down to Size

(April 14, Harry Mccracken) If you'd like to read a personalized magazine on your Windows PC or Mac, check out Genieo, a program that analyzes your reading habits in Zite-like fashion, then links to articles it thinks you'll like.

Genieo, the personalized homepage that you’ll actually use, comes to the Mac

(Jan 29th 2011) When it comes to the Internet, the shift has been moving toward more customization for years. As users, though, we’re not content with just throwing RSS feeds onto a page and calling it a day. We want information that’s specially curated for us.

בלעדי: Genieo מגיעה למק

יניב פלדמן 23 בינואר 2011
חברת הסטארטאפ הישראלית Genieo תכריז השבוע בתערוכת MacWorld בסן-פרנסיסקו על השקת גרסת ה-Mac של יישום הפרסונליזציה הפופולארי של החברה. גולשי ניוזגיק יכולים לקבל אותה כבר עכשיו, לפני כולם.

Personal Homepage Software That Knows What You Like, Protects Your Privacy

Genieo, the brainchild of Israeli tech entrepreneur Sol Tzvi, has finally got the formula right for a smart homepage. Out for PC, it’s coming soon to Mac.
David Zax

Productivity Software: Best of 2010

Genieo keeps track of where you go and what you read on the Web, and then creates a newsy home page with stories you’ll actually want to see. And don’t worry: The index stays on your local machine.

My Latest Addiction: Genieo

I love Genieo. And you’re welcome. Because I know you will, too.
Daniel Hindin

My Favorite Demo Spring Products

I have a number of start pages – mostly based on RSS feeds like NetVibes and Google Reader – but I want to try this out.
Michael J. Miller (PC Magazine)

Genieo Launches Automatically Generated Personal Homepages to the Public

Israel based startup Genieo is looking to change that by launching the public beta version of a desktop application that automatically generates a personalized homepage based on your browsing activity…

דף החדשות האישי שלומד אתכם

לאחר ששלב בניית הפרופיל יסתיים, תופנו לדף הבית האישי שלכם ב-Genieo, שיכול להפוך מעתה לאחד מדפי הפתיחה הקבועים שלכם לתחילת הגלישה. אני יודע שעבורי הוא הפך לכזה.

להפוך את דף הבית לעוזר אישי

הסטארט-אפ השלים גיוס של שלושה מיליון דולר ושוקד על מוצר שיאפשר להציג דף בית המשתנה באופן דינאמי, בהתאם לתכנים הרלוונטיים לגולש…