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What Makes Genieo Startpage so Productive?
The Genieo startpage is your personal newspaper to tailored content from all your favourite news sites, blogs, social media sites and more. With Startpage, you get the latest news headlines direct to your browser on startup. You don’t need to subscribe to RSS feeds – Genieo Startpage instantly updates your preferences and personalizes your feed, with total privacy guaranteed.

Only the information you want
Genieo is always on the lookout across the web, for items you may find interesting. On the analysis...

Your Personal Magazine
Genieo automatically designs and generates your own personal online magazine.

Top news headlines directly on your homepage
Genieo automatically connects to your favourite news portals and continuously updates your homepage...

Genieo will notify you as to special new updates to your homepage, by sliding in a small message at...

Click and Share
Share items from your homepage with your favorite networking community, with a press of a button.

Genieo - Uninstalling made easy!
Genieo, the free award winning recommendation engine used by millions worldwide, has announced the...

Dynamic tracking of your interests
Genieo will continuously follow your interests as you browse, learning and adapting to your topic...

Auto bookmark management
Genieo will automatically bookmark your favorite sites as you visit them, and manage these...

Live updates
Genieo streams real-time updates from ongoing events you follow, such as developing events on the...

Highlights from your Facebook and Twitter contacts
Genieo filters your social networks items specifically by your topics of interest, so you can enjoy...

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