Live News, Current News & News Headlines from Genieo

Live News, Current News & News Headlines from Genieo

Breaking News Direct to You via Genieo!

Genieo has revolutionized the way the information is shared on the Internet. With the Genieo Startpage, you can enjoy personalized access to breaking news stories, updates and the latest news developments. This innovative program makes it possible for you to reap the benefits of tailored content being pulled from all your favourite news sites, sports sites, financial sites, entertainment sites and beyond. Genieo is easy-to-use; simply click to download and run the program direct off your browser. This program allows you to automatically filter those news posts that are of most interest to you, without having to sift through content that’s of no interest. In no time at all, you will be able to get the top news headlines from your favourite online news sites, sports sites and financial sites. The brains trust behind Genieo has toiled long and hard to develop the ultimate recommendation engine. The feed reader in Genieo extracts information from your preferred sources, and pushes them to your homepage, based on the importance you ascribe to them. The benefits of utilizing Genieo for breaking news stories are many, including: less time searching for news stories that are important to you; auto-bookmarking of your favourite sites; a completely personalized startpage and an intuitive ‘self-thinking’ platform.

Breaking News from Social Media Sites Too

Genieo has got plenty of character – it offers so much more than general news stories from across the world. For example, you can stay abreast of the latest developments on Facebook and Twitter – direct from your Genieo homepage. You can share information quickly and easily direct from the Genieo startpage, without having to navigate across the World Wide Web. Whether it’s G +, Facebook, Twitter or MySpace – Genieo makes it easier than ever to share breaking news with those who matter most to you. This is the perfect filter for you, because there’s no need to sift through content on social media sites. You’re instantly updated with information you want, when you want it. You’ll be able to track breaking news items that you find interesting, stay up-to-date with live news and sports updates too. One of the many endearing features of using the Genieo startpage is that all of your operations – your central command console – are featured on your homepage. Whatever news channel or source you prefer is already up and running with news feeds from specific sources being relayed to you. Live news, current news and breaking news form the bedrock of the Genieo offering.

Genieo Doubles as your Personal Newspaper & Your Link to the Outside World

Genieo is accessible via your iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, and iPhone. With this innovative product, you’re always in the loop with current news. The way in which this dynamic platform works is that it takes information from your browsing habits, applies a state-of-the-art algorithm and totally personalizes breaking news stories and content that you will find interesting. It’s light years ahead of standard RSS readers, and it has become the breaking news story for tech gurus, lay people, business to business operations and more. With Genieo, you get the breaking news that you want, from a wide range of your favourite sources. This takes place in real-time direct to your personal homepage. Your browsing experience is enhanced by way of unique features which are designed to enrich your online experience. Genieo is 100% safe, secure and free to download. As soon as you’ve downloaded Genieo, you will instantly be able to access current news, live news and the latest news headlines. Genieo extracts information from your favourite news sources and relays that information to your homepage. There’s nothing generic about the way in which this algorithm operates: all of the news content that appears on your homepage from Genieo is of particular relevance to you, based on your needs, wants and browsing habits. Think of Genieo as an artificial intelligence program that is synced up to your browsing behaviour. But there’s nothing static about it – it adapts to your preferences all the time!

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