Genieo Startpage

Genieo Startpage

The evolution in web browsing has begun, courtesy of the Genieo Startpage!

Genieo is bold, refreshing and decidedly different. This state-of-the-art recommendation engine is finally here, after many years in the making. The Genieo startpage creates the ultimate personalized Internet news experience, based exclusively on your preferences, habits and requirements. The creators of Genieo are at the cutting-edge of hi-tech development – always searching, always digging and always developing unique ways of tailoring your online browsing experience. This exciting new innovation is guaranteed to revolutionize the industry. Thanks to the Genieo startpage, users spend less time scouring through the Internet for news tidbits, and more time focused on precisely what news is important to them. It takes the hassle out of the search and brings the content to you – as you like it. Genieo is ideal for businesses and customers alike, because it allows you to tailor your online browsing sessions to expectations, with little or no effort!

Unique Features of Genieo’s Startpage
The cross-functional compatibility of Genieo allows it to be accessed via your Android phone, your iPhone, Desktop or laptop. It is 100% user-friendly, and it’s quick & easy to download and run. Thanks to this exciting innovation, users can acquire a multitude of information, including sports results, news headlines, financial information, social media updates and so much more. With Genieo, you can stay abreast of developments on Twitter, Facebook, G + and other social engines. The ability to track items and monitor websites that you’ve visited is part and parcel of the Genieo experience. On a more personal level, it is ideal for keeping track of important dates and events, within the nuclear family unit. Things like birthdays, sports events, vacation schedules, dinner dates and the like are all accessible via Genieo’s state-of-the-art technology. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, startpage is ideal for allowing you to access your personalized newspaper, direct from the comforts of anywhere you go – via iPad, iPhone, Android phone or your preferred RSS reader. You are finally free to let go of antiquated ways of browsing the web, because Genieo is the smart choice.

Genieo: The Future of Personalized News
Unlike other search engines out there, Genieo startpage does all the work for you. This highly intelligent software operates on expertly crafted algorithms, for your benefit. One of the most endearing aspects of Genieo is the fact that it automatically updates its content, as your browsing habits evolve, so too does Genieo. It’s always thinking, always learning and always tailored to your expectations. Leading industry aficionados have labeled it the ultimate AI (Artificial Intelligence) software, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. With Genieo you get to spend more time enjoying precisely what you love, and less time searching the World Wide Web for it. While Genieo learns about you and your browsing habits, it maintains 100% privacy at every juncture. Users can enjoy news streams, social media streams, financial and sports updates as they prefer. You could surf the web and have instant access to your favourite websites, Facebook updates, Twitter tweets, videos, blog posts and so forth. It’s a cinch with Genieo’s groundbreaking technology. And the best part is that you don’t have to do anything other than download and install it. As soon as you logon, startpage is ready with everything that’s important to you. It’s that easy! The beauty of this exciting innovation is that it loads up in double-quick time, with all the Internet content that’s important to you. It knows what you like, and features it accordingly – all in one page – the start page!

Genieo Startpage is a Powerful Tool for Generating Revenues
Genieo is a fantastic software application for white-label partners including hardware manufacturers, desktop applications and publishers. Multiple revenue opportunities are possible, by way of higher stickiness and more personalized targeting potential. The Genieo experience can be enjoyed on multiple leading smartphones, and web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. As the recipient of multiple awards, Genieo consistently rates highly in the tech sector. It has won the PC World Best 100 Top 10 productivity software, the 2011 Reader’s Choice Award for best Productivity Sites and various other accolades. The unbridled power of it – and its dynamic appeal – rests in its simplicity. Get started with startpage and get the right results, first time, every time!

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