The Importance of having time-saving software on your system in Today’s world

The Importance of having time-saving software on your system in Today’s world

Time Wasted is Money Lost!

The modern world is abuzz with billions upon billions of bits of information traveling the Internet superhighway each and every minute. Those 1s and 0s translate into a language that everybody understands. Whether you’re a shipyard manager in the port of Shanghai, a high-tech guru in Silicon Valley California, a Wall Street broker, or a soccer mom at home, time is of the essence. And there is no time like the present to power your way through the web, seeking out useful information from one or other Rss feed sources that will enlighten, enrich and entertain you.

Challenges to Effective Sourcing of Information

For the most part, people know what they’re after, or at least where they’re most likely to find information. But with only so many hours in a day, it’s imperative that your web searches are efficacious and timely. Of the many time-saving options out there, few – if any – are able to completely personalize your experience. In fact, it is safe to say that Genieo provides users with a multitude of options when it comes to a tailored browsing session. All your tastes and preferences are instantly and automatically synched up with the intuitive predictive abilities of Genieo. Instantly read the latest news headline, financial update or social media story as it happens, when it happens.

Get Genieo just how you want it with your choice of feeds – financial, sports, social media, news, reviews and entertainment. In fact, with Genieo you can forego the typical RSS feed subscription process, because this A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) software essentially anticipates your present and future preferences, without jeopardizing your privacy or online security. The Genieo startpage is your window into the World Wide Web – seen through your frame of reference. From it, you can view your preferred content from your new homepage – your Startpage.

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