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About Genieo

Genieo is the provider of a recommendation engine and personal homepage.

Genieo is designed to automatically retrieve and filter information items from across the web, based on the user's specific individual interests, and display them on a personal Homepage.

Genieo studies the user's preferred individual interests and sources at a high resolution, by analyzing their browsing routine. Our desktop configuration runs on the user's compuer to increase privacy. Genieo then continuously explores the internet for specific information items which are mostly related to these interests, and presents them on the personal Homepage.

The Genieo homepage is styled as a newspaper front page with selected items, consisting of title, short snippet, media, link to article, and share button

Webmaster Information

We at Genieo, design our client software to access only pages which are reasonably likely to interest the user and appear on their homepage. As Genieo learns the user's favorite sources, as well as interests, your site/feeds is likely to be accessed only if user previously visited it (as much as possible - just relevant sections), or the user got this link through their social streams.

Genieo page layout is designed to provide a glimpse to interesting items and drive users to those articles matching their interests - these visits allow us to refine the understanding of the user's interests.

We are continuously working on reducing unnecessary traffic.

If you are the webmaster and we have inadvertently generated unwanted traffic to your site, please seng us a mail to