The Dark Side of the Fan

The Dark Side of the Fan

The Euro is upon us yet again and everybody’s a football or Soccer fan.
It’s fun to be a fan this time of year and thanks to Genieo’s Live Event feature, it’s even funner. (yes! Funner. Did we say innovation?)

Well, every fun has a darker side to it…, and this is one of those spooky tales as it unfolded this last week at the Hertzlia offices of Genieo:

First, it is important to understand that Genieo’s Live Event feature streams real-time updates from ongoing events you follow, such as developing events on the news, Scores of sports matches, Stock Market information and more… And that is the power that set the entire occurrence in motion.
As those enticing Live Events began streaming into the unsuspecting employees’ various devices… a goal here, a fowl there… the employees gradually began to display some very strange behavior. Everybody who’s ever experience excitement creeping in bit by bit, knows what I’m talking about.

The first sign that something strange was going on appeared when miss A showed up with Soccer shoes (which actually matched colors with her dress perfectly) after Live Event informed her of the German team victory. Then it was Mr. B who showed up with an French jersey under his elegant summer shirt, followed closely by Mr. C who went apparently too far by coming to work wearing the Argentinean shorts (No, his legs were not clean shaven). And the rest didn’t take long to join in.
Miss D, the venerable CEO, decided to put her foot down, and rounding up the lot of them, she broke into a fiery speech about work ethics etc., the effect of which was somewhat lost when her iPhone beeped in a Live Event with some exiting news about the Spanish game, sending her flamenco dancing on her own desk with the Spanish flag wrapped around her waist.

Coming out of it gracefully, Miss D decided on the most innovative course of action. After all, there’s no winning by fighting against excitement, but there might be a way to control it.
“Fine!” she said, “from now on there will be no in-closet soccer fanning in Genieo. During this Euro, everybody will wear soccer clothes freely and in the great wide open…”
“Hey!” Everybody cheered in one voice.
“However” she continued, surfing this wave of excitement like a pro, “although we may each follow different teams, we should all wear the same uniform, as it is appropriate for the winning Genieo team that we are”.
“Yeah!!!” They all cheered once again and went dancing back to their posts, to continue in developing the next exciting Genieo feature, and naturally living happily ever after.

So you see, Genieo’s Live Event does more than just bring you exciting news, it brings people together, makes them one big happy family, with each keeping to their own preferences.

Clever if you ask me. And Fun.

(Pictures by Dafna Talmon)

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