Genieo Eliminates RSS Feed Lists and Filters

Genieo Eliminates RSS Feed Lists and Filters

Genieo revolutionizes the way that RSS feeds work, making it better for you to access all your favourite news!

RSS feeds – otherwise known as news feeds – are a terrific way to stay abreast of the latest developments from your favourite websites. These include the likes of: specific search queries, Twitter tweets, news updates, blog posts, Facebook updates and the like. This type of information is readily available on the web as a news feed. Tech savvy individuals and laymen alike have learned to utilize the services of feed reader applications. This is a far more effective approach than pulling information from every imaginable browsing opportunity on your favourite sites. In essence, the RSS allows you to subscribe to your preferred websites. What the feed reader does is sporadically gather information from the latest feeds – from your preferred sites – and push their content to you as soon as it has become published. These types of feed readers are rather effective at what they do, and include the likes of Microsoft Outlook, Google Reader and the like. However, they are laced with problems. One of the most irksome aspects of feed readers is that you have to manually subscribe to them. This is the only way that the feeds will be pushed to you when they are ready. Tech gurus have likened this to bookmarking your preferred online sites. But the real issue – and the problem with RSS feeds – is that you need to stay updated and abreast of all developments at all times. This also means that you are going to be bombarded with feeds from sites that you no longer interested in – another headache. The maintenance of these feeds requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail.

Genieo Comes to the Rescue of Tedious RSS Feeds

Genieo is operating on the cutting edge of technology. This state-of-the-art software is geared towards personalizing your Internet browsing experience, simplifying your online browsing sessions, and adapting to your ever-changing needs and requirements. In this vein, Genieo is unparalleled. What makes this particular software all the more enticing is the fact that it only brings you content that is relevant to your requirements. Imagine being able to enjoy all your favourite news without having to delve into long lists encompassing filters, feed lists and the like? Genieo eliminates the time-consuming process entailed in managing RSS feeds. Now you can access your favourite websites, news sites, social networks and more with this intelligent software. Genieo allows you to build a feed list automatically – there is absolutely zero participation required on your part. All you need to do is do what you do best – browse the web and seek out information that is relevant to you.

The Inner Mechanics of Genieo

The functionality of this dynamic software is such that you browse websites (HTML pages) and Genieo works behind-the-scenes to gather information related to your searches. The information is all out there: Genieo knows how best to manage it, and use it to your benefit. HTML pages features special links pointing to news feeds with specific content. Various web-based browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others feature unique buttons allowing users to find these links, and to subscribe to these feeds. Having access all these RSS feeds – by way of a browser add-on – may in fact simplify your web browsing process. You’d effectively be able to enjoy access to a list of feeds from your preferred websites. But how would you be able to know with certainty which of those websites on the list is truly of interest to you? That’s where Genieo comes into the picture. While the inner mechanics of this revolutionary software cannot be divulged, it is safe to say that no other software code is able to do with this highly intelligent program is capable of. With Genieo, you have a web startpage that understands precisely what is of interest to you. You don’t need to manually sift through newsreaders and open up new tabs for your social networking preferences. The algorithms governing the functionality of Genieo are so advanced that they are able to pinpoint precisely what’s important to you and display it accordingly.

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