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Integrate Genieo and boost your monetization

Genieo, a personalized newspaper style homepage based on proprietary algorithms (Micro Behavioral Targeting) which automatically extract user behavior, interests and preferences, while ensuring complete user privacy.

Genieo’s partners receive significant monetization options through its proprietary personalization technology, white-labeled and delivered to users as an exciting newspaper styled homepage that reflects both the partner’s brand and the end users’ interests. This introduces new revenue opportunities and increases website stickiness.

Bring value to your community, delivering:

  • Personalized, real-time content based on users’ online behavior.
  • A valuable productivity tool that has filtered news, articles and social updates they will care about.

High Stickiness, resulting in:

  • Increased return visitors
  • Reduced attrition rates

Increase Traffic

  • Attract new, qualified traffic to your website
  • Fuel brand awareness and user loyalty

Monetization Opportunities

  • Generate additional revenue from searches and targeted ads

Viral Appeal

  • Users receiving meaningful content that is relevant to them will share items from your branded homepage with their social network


As an internet content provider, you can make your content much more prominent and easier to access directly from your users' homepages, by distributing a branded version of Genieo. Genieo will be a major factor for increasing your content's appeal to your users, thereby increasing stickiness, and reducing your costs for expensive retention solutions.
You can also work with the Genieo team to distribute your content on a pay per post arrangement.

Hardware manufacturer

For hardware manufacturers that bundle technology, Genieo is a powerful ally for showcasing your products. By implementing a personalization recommendation engine like Genieo, you add a new and attractive aspect to the products, providing your consumers with the added value of built in, automatic access to exciting personal content - without requiring you to create or manage it – giving your offerings an edge over the competition.

Desktop application provider

Adding Genieo’s technology significantly benefits Desktop Application Providers that affiliate search bars with their users' default search engines. Users are presented with the added value of a singular attraction, which largely increases the stickiness of the default search page, boosting the income potential of products.

* Examples only

Advertise with Genieo

Genieo's personalized content and unique user experience attracts a loyal and upscale audience. We offer advertisers an exceptional opportunity to target content according to the audiences' interests and intentions. This ensures that our users will find the advertisements of personal interest.