News Summarizing Best Desktop Application

News Summarizing Best Desktop Application

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer eyes looking for the best news summarizing application, what is she missing? Us!

You are frustrated with all the news aggregators and apps that promise you to summarize the web for you? This way or another you find yourself overload with too much information. Marissa Mayer gets that, this is why she is looking everywhere for the best personalization technology, most promising apps that you’ll actually use to catch up with your online life.

A Personalized Newspaper Styled Homepage: Cutting the Web Down to Size.

We are interested in a service that learns our preferred topics, trusted sources and how we find and read information on the web. Genieo presents you with content you’re certain to like, without any scripting or filtering from you, the user.
What you can also find interesting about Genieo is that it has this tendency to pull in stories from sites that you might not have otherwise visited. While there are stories presently showing from your favorite sources, there are some great content pop in from other sites that you’ve never been to, as well. Oh, and if something pops up that you don’t like, you can flag it as not interesting or remove the feed from the specific site entirely.


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