How To Monetize Your Organic Mac Traffic

How To Monetize Your Organic Mac Traffic

So, you have a cool product for PC users and thousands of consumers visiting your site every day? this is great! Did you ever checked the numbers of your organic Mac OS users visiting your web site every day? Open Google Analytics and check the traffic volume, I bet the numbers are between 6% and 15%. Hey, that’s not that bad! If you could only convert those users to dollars that could be a nice move.

Well, think for a second, if you had a store and hundreds of passers were looking on your display-window, would you send them back home with an empty hands? you would never do that!

So, What Should You Do?

You don’t need to develop a mac version of your product, it doesnt worth your time, the traffic isn’t that huge but still, why not make money out of it?

Here is the deal, from tomorrow morning you are going to offer your organic mac users the coolest Mac software out there! a “personalized newspaper styled homepage” you can even add your brand name to this software, so it will look like another great product comming out of your brand (

A real valuable product for your small mac community, years of in depth technology instead of another toolbar as a lame excuse to control the user’s homepage. With zero efforts, zero investment and great user’s Life Time Value (LTV) you will have a sticky startpage to help your users catch up with their online life.

Contact us ( and add Genieo Mac startpage to monetize all your organic mac traffic!

Because Thinking Out Of The Box Is A Way of Living For You.

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