Genieo May Be Your Answer to Information Overload

Genieo May Be Your Answer to Information Overload

Don’t go into an Information Meltdown – use Genieo Startpage

The World Wide Web is a bustling hive of activity with so much information flooding the Internet superhighway every second. The result of this is a massive bottleneck in terms of navigating through the cluster of irrelevant, spammy and unwanted information. Users have long been calling for a workable alternative to the inherent problems of information overload. Various filters are available for both personal and business use. These do to some degree eliminate the congestion that is bound to take place. However, even with all these measures in place, the Internet remains a happy hunting ground for marketers, advertisers and redundant content.

A Workable Solution Exists
While it would be for foolhardy to assume that a magic wand solution exists, there are lots of reasons to celebrate. This comes in the form of Genieo software and its groundbreaking Startpage. In order to define Startpage, it is better to describe what it does, rather than detailing the simplistic and elegant platform then it provides users with. With this artificial intelligence software (AI) users get to enjoy a personalized web browsing experience. Think of Startpage as your personal newspaper – a place where you can have all your news feeds, stock prices, financial updates, sports news, favourite social media sites, reminders and other content readily available to you from one page. With this revolutionary software, you can essentially tailor your browsing experience as you see fit. There’s no need to subscribe to RSS feeds, or signup to your favourite breaking news sites, sports websites and the like.
How Does Genieo Startpage Work?
The nuts and bolts of the software are best described by complex algorithms that govern its functionality. Suffice it to say that the brains trust behind the development of Genieo software has extensive experience in the development of complicated programs. Years of research has culminated in a simple, free to download and easy to install software program – Genieo startpage. In contrast to feed readers, which pull information from your favourite websites, Genieo does not require manual subscriptions. This is a definite boon to users, by dint of the fact that there are valuable time savings, cost savings, and overall convenience aspects to consider.

How to Combat Information Overload?

As stated, the sheer volume of content available on the Internet is mind-boggling. Being able to effectively search through all of this content and pull information that is relevant to your specific needs and preferences can prove to be an insuperable challenge. The advent of smart browsing technology puts paid to the notion that you need to be confronted by all manner of irrelevant, unwarranted in-your-face information. Genieo software is 100% unique, guarantees the privacy of users and is not malware or spyware. These are pretty bold assertions to make, but they’re all true. This software eliminates the need to manually subscribe or unsubscribe from websites when your preferences change. Other programs have tried but failed to do with Genieo has done and is doing. Examples abound, including Google Reader – the biggest feed reader to announce the shutdown of its operations.
This begs the question: why is Genieo different? The best answer can be garnered by downloading the software for free, installing it and watching it in operation. There is no need to program the software to understand what your likes, preferences and expectations are. It starts working from the moment it has been downloaded, without jeopardizing your privacy, security, or information. With Genieo as your startpage, you don’t need to open up multiple tabs on your browser. This is true for whatever browser you’re using – Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera; everything that’s important to you will be displayed on the Startpage. Besides, it’s so much easier to have everything come to you as opposed to you searching for everything on the Internet. This could very well be the dawning of a new time where information overload and all the associated headaches truly become a thing of the past!

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