The news you want, from your favorite sources, right to your own personal homepage

Genieo offers unique features which highly enrich your experience of your personalized homepage. Just download Genieo and enjoy the ride.

Genieo Head Office:

Tel +972 9 956 1995
Genieo Innovation Ltd.
PO Box 12630
10 Abba Eben Avenue
Ackerstein Towers Bldg. C
Herzlia Pituach 46733 Israel

Your Personal Magazine

Genieo automatically designs and generates your own personal online magazine.

Top news headlines directly on your homepage

Genieo automatically connects to your favourite news portals and continuously updates your homepage with top news headlines.

Only the information you want

Genieo is always on the lookout across the web, for items you may find interesting. On the analysis of your choices and preferences, the Mini Topic Filtering System sifts through all the information at the highest resolution, and brings you only items which are relevant to you exclusively.

My day in pictures

Create a wonderful collage out of the pictures which made your day. Genieo automatically selects and compiles the pictures for you. All you have to do is choose a template you like, add your comment, and you are done. More info...

Click and Share

Share items from your homepage with your favorite networking community, with a press of a button.

Dynamic tracking of your interests

Genieo will continuously follow your interests as you browse, learning and adapting to your topic preferences as they form, change and become more specific, and consequently will provide you with the most accurate results in terms of your interests. In addition, Genieo provides you with options to manage your preferences in order to further refine the accuracy of the results received.

Auto bookmark management

Genieo will automatically bookmark your favorite sites as you visit them, and manage these bookmarks in accordance with the level of interest you express in them, without interfering with your browser's bookmarking system. You will be able to access and manage your bookmarks directly on your home page.

Live updates

Genieo streams real-time updates from ongoing events you follow, such as developing events on the news, Scores of sports matches, Stock Market information and more.


Genieo will notify you as to special new updates to your homepage, by sliding in a small message at the lower right corner of your screen, briefly informing you of the added item.

Highlights from your Facebook and Twitter contacts

Genieo filters your social networks items specifically by your topics of interest, so you can enjoy reading selected new posts and twits published by your friends on Facebook and Twitter, all compiled in your personal homepage.

Birthday Reminder

With Genieo’s Birthday Reminder, staying in touch with your loved ones has never been so easy. Wish them Happy Bday directly from your homepage.

Genieo to go

Login to Genieo Web and access your Genieo Homepage from your iPhone, Android phone, or from your favorite news reader. More info...